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I grew up in the tiny town of Troy, Idaho, graduating with twenty-seven other classmates, and went on to get both my bachelor's degree in Political Science and my law degree from the University of Idaho. While clerking for a judge immediately after law school, I decided on a whim to stop at the local music store and sign up for guitar lessons, and was assigned to a teacher who would ultimately become my husband! Talk about serendipity! Richard and I have been married for twenty-plus years, and we have three great kids: Caitlyn, 19 (in college - eek!); Zachary, 17 (still not done with driver's ed - double eek!); and Joshua, 15 (my baby is in high school - I can't be THAT old!). We also have Scooter (or does he have us?), a rescue dog who has taken over our home, and our hearts! We just recently made the move half-way across the country to the great state of Minnesota to be closer to my husband's musical work, and now live in the Twin Cities area. This has taken quite a bit of adjusting to, given the abrupt change from a slow-paced, rural environment to the rapid-paced, metropolitan mecca that is Minneapolis-St. Paul!

I've been a business attorney for most of my professional life, more than twenty years now, so writing novels has certainly been a change of pace for me - but an enormously fun one! I'm looking forward to continuing to let the stories in my head run free!