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Just Out of Reach is the story of Natalie Morgan, a clinical psychologist who counsels at-risk kids and keeps an eye on Bernie, the elderly lady who took Natalie in as a teenager after she escaped her own troubled past, including a brush with death. Natalie is also clairaudient-she hears the voices of the dead-and she quietly uses this psychic ability to assist the Sarasota police department in solving crimes. When a young victim contacts Natalie from beyond and provides some disturbing information, Natalie suddenly realizes her own past may have finally caught up with her. Jake Riggs, the skeptical FBI agent assigned to the case, doesn't for one minute buy into any of the psychic nonsense, but he cannot deny his powerful attraction to Natalie.  However, when the killer makes it clear he has recognized Natalie after all these years, she knows if she is to survive a second time, she must convince Jake to believe the unbelievable.     

Fate, Flatulence and Fortune Cookies, my second novel, is a romantic comedy/mystery in which my female protagonist, a journalist, loses her job and is forced to take a temporary job writing fortunes for a fortune cookie manufacturer. When she meets an unfamiliar man at the company under... less than rosy circumstances, shall we say, the antics ensue! In addition to the comedic element, the story also contains a mystery for readers to try and solve. I am thrilled to announce that this book is now available for purchase on Amazon! 


I'm still hard at work on the sequel to Just Out of Reach. I've tentatively titled it Close Enough to Touch, and I've also got a rough outline completed for the third and final book in the series, tentatively entitled Inseparable. How exciting! Stay tuned for further updates! :-)